Virtual Background for Google Meet/Hangouts

I’m a big G Suite fan, but lately, I have been frustrated with Google Meet/Hangouts. I understand that I should expect some limitations due to the fact that Google Meet is 100% browser-based, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. Meet’s user interface lacks intuitive usability. In addition, you cannot synchronously call a co-worker via Google Chat. My latest frustration is that Meet doesn’t support virtual backgrounds; however, I found the following workarounds.

These workarounds will depend on your operating system and whether you are using a green screen.

Windows without a Green Screen

Personify ChromaCam

XSplit Vcam

Windows with a Green Screen


Mac without a Green Screen

Snap Camera — Has a lot of fun foregrounds, but you need to use Lens Studio for custom backgrounds.

Mac with a Green Screen

CamTwist — free

ManyCam — paid

Green Screen

I bought the Fancierstudio Green Screen, but I have mixed reviews. The stands work well, and they go nice and high. However, the green screen fabric is not thick enough to eliminate backlighting. In addition, the fabric is not wide enough, so I have to keep the camera too close to the green screen.

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